WildSkies Ecological Services (Pty) Ltd. was created in July 2011 by the director Jon Smallie. WildSkies is an avifaunal consulting company, with particular expertise in the interactions between avifauna and energy related infrastructure. WildSkies provides sound, balanced avifaunal input into planning processes for new infrastructure around southern Africa.

Although a relatively new company, Jon Smallie and Luke Strugnell have 18 years of combined experience working on birds and overhead power lines, dams, pipelines, coal fired power stations, substations, wind energy facilities, solar facilities and other infrastructure. Jon worked on the Eskom-Endangered Wildlife Trust Strategic Partnership from 1999 to 2007 and managed it from 2007 to 2011. He is therefore highly experienced in the field of bird – power line interactions. Luke was the senior avifaunal consultant at the Endangered Wildlife Trust and was involved with some of the first wind energy studies on birds and wind energy in South Africa. Luke also has experience on bats and wind energy as well as land management and rehabilitation. Jon and Luke are both professional natural scientists and are registered with SACNASP.

WildSkies is a Level 4 BEE Contributor and has a 100% B-BBEE procurement recognition.

With staff in East London, Eastern Cape, and Gauteng – WildSkies is well placed to provide cost effective consulting services throughout SA.